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“Wrong!” now on Chinstrap Music

My album Wrong! is now available as a free download on Ergo Phizmiz’s netlabel Chinstrap Music, and on the Free Music Archive.


MB Wronglast

Wabi-Sabi compilation

My Modersohn-Becker track “Properly Wrong” is featured, along with an absolutely huge selection of various other DIY musical delights by others, on a compilation of Wabi-Sabi music over at Pimpmelon Records.

“Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese aesthetic of finding the beauty in imperfections. One of the untapped subjects of this aesthetic is the music world – until now!

Throughout musical history, over time we’ve grown to accept many aspects of Wabi-Sabi into our listening. Things like Free Jazz, Improvisational, Spoken Word, Poetry, Glitch, and more. Not only in genre, the aspects are also present in things like unfinished symphonies, alternate/unfinished/or unmastered mixes, as well as live tracks that go awry.

This compilation album collects all of these aspects and more, ranging a tonne of genres, recording styles, methods, etc. It is the biggest free collection of “imperfect” music to date, hopefully one that will help many people appreciate this style of music. “a1260291472_10

“…on the boundary of sound…” – MA Sound Art final show

You are cordially invited to join us at our final show:

(photography by Benedetta Ubezio)

“… on the boundary of sound…”

Sajid Akbar | Hannibal Eric Andersen | Andrej Bako | Alison Ballard | Tim Bamber | David Agudelo Bernal | Russell Ackermann-Callow | Giuseppe Cantelmo | David Degos | Nathan Fustec | D
aniel Grossman | Julie Groves | Jack Harris | Lotte Rose Kjær Skau | Artur Matamoro Vidal | Greta Pistaceci | Anna Raimondo | Achint Singh

The Nursery Gallery
London College of Communication
Elephant & Castle SE1 6SB

Opening reception: Monday 19th November 6-9pm
Symposium: Saturday 24th November from 11-3pm

Presenting new works by eighteen contemporary artists, “… on the boundary of sound…” offers an in-depth enquiry into the diversity of sound in the arts.

Whether we embrace sound or try to block it out, in the cacophony of the contemporary world there is barely a corner of our lives that sound doesn’t reach. In an age in which media appears inseparable from culture, politics and social interaction, this exhibition presents a crucial survey of the ways in which sound informs our presence and the space around us, as well as suggesting its intangible authority on our daily lives.

All of the artists presented have been studying on the Postgraduate Sound Arts program at the London College of Communication. It is evident, perhaps due to the contemporary social and political landscape, that many of the works demonstrate a marked interest in political and social tensions amongst emerging sound art practitioners. This is perhaps most evident in the works of Bamber, Raimondo and Bako. However even where other emphasise other concerns, such as proximity, physicality and human relations (Groves), aesthetics (Bernal), or a concern with the environments of art exhibition (Matamoro Vidal) and sound’s relationship with architecture and form (Ballard, Degos and Kjær Skau), degrees of social-political context are still very much evident. Other works draw on the propensity for sound to convey definitions of community, nostalgia and memory (Fustec and Akbar), sound’s relationship to the other senses (Cantelmo and Grossman) or sound as a catalyst for practice and exchange (Singh, Harris and Andersen). There is also a concern with definition, documentation and truth in art, such as that found in the works of Ackermann-Callow and Pistaceci, which underpins the investigatory nature of this exhibition.

To coincide with the exhibition CRiSAP (Centre for Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice) will be hosting a symposium at the gallery on the relationship between sound arts practice and sound research. Entrance to the exhibition, performances and symposium is free. “… on the boundary of sound…” is curated by Mark Jackson, supported by London College of Communication and CRiSAP, and presents the final work of the MA Sound Arts graduates of London College of Communication.

Exhibition opening times
Tuesday | Wednesday: 10am-7.30pm
Thursday | Friday: 10am-6pm with evening
performances until 8pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm

Radio Programme: What is a Review, to You?

Here you can listen to a radio programme (part of a 4-episode series on the theme of “sound as reviews and texts as sound”) that was created by myself, Julie Groves, David Agudelo Bernal, Giuseppe Cantelmo and Achint Singh and broadcast last week on Resonance FM:

My first curatorial experience

Here is a video of my MA class’ interim show, “Jack Harris: a retrospective”, which I curated (I was not responsible for the title which was voted in before I assumed curatorial duties… but I worked with it!):

[thanks: Julie for her assistance in the earliest stages of co-curatorial planning before she got too busy to be involved, Alison for her lighting help and general awesomeness, Nathan for his amazing tech skills, Saj for the beautiful flyer, Daniel and Jack for writing the press release, Leila for filming, and thanks to those who helped with grunt work setting up and taking down the show!]

It was a lot of work, but worth it!

Interim Show

Please come to our interim show! Details below.

Jack Harris: A Retrospective

MA Sound Art Soirée

Thursday 12th July 2012

6 – 9PM


An evening of performances, showings and diffusions of work from the students of the MA Sound Arts at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

Mid-way through their year of study, the artists will be presenting a range of work and experiments resulting from their activity during the course. Expect explorations of the aural reconstruction of the NASA space program, deep-bass low-fi cultural-collage, the perfection of party political vocal propaganda, and music that is so quiet (and loud) you’ll never listen to traffic noise in the same way again.

Doors open at 6pm, followed by programs of showings, screenings and performances throughout the evening with opportunities to socialise, speak to the artists, and view show reels and exhibited works.

This event is free.

The New Gallery

London College of Communication

Elephant and Castle

London SE1 6SB


I’m still attempting to catch up with my back-log of posts, and somehow this had escaped me. When I was in Athens (to complete marathon No. 2!) last November I made a little detour to add to my Tapescapes blog. Here it is. And here are all the other posts should you want to check the rest of my blog out!