On this page you will find mp3 albums and tracks of my DIY music as Modersohn-Becker, freely downloadable for your personal (uneasy) listening. Here you can also order lovingly crafted CD copies of my album “Wrong!”, as well as listen to some stream-only bonus tracks.


Modersohn-Becker – 2005-2013: a solitary journey into DIY music-making.
“Starting from approximately 2005 I began to secretly create tracks as Modersohn-Becker. These were incredibly lo-fi affairs: I had no knowledge of music technology or music-making software at the time, and had to make do with whatever was at my disposal.
For the earliest M-B tracks, I used Windows Recorder and a decrepit, taped- together old plastic microphone. I recorded mostly acappella and in one take, without editing the results as I had no way to do so. I would use two Windows Recorder windows, and play from one whilst recording from the other. These recordings were the computer-user equivalent of my childhood experiments of playing with two tape recorders, creating layers by playing from one machine while taping to the other.
I felt incredibly self-conscious about recording, so I would create my M-B tracks sneakily, in a couple of hours, when I was sure I was alone in the house. I just had a desperate need to express myself… somehow. At first these tracks were made just for myself, as a way to relieve my frustra- tion and isolation, but then I gradually and anxiously began uploading some of these to social networking sites in order to get over my insecurity. Because in the end what I wanted was to make a connection with the outside, to know that I existed.
And now, years later, I may be a little more experienced, but the truth is that I still do not quite know what I am doing, though I am compelled to keep doing it. This is me at my purest, in a way. This is what comes out.”

ALBUM: “WRONG!”MB Wronglast


£3 per CD + extra shipping charges (please allow some extra time for preparation as each CD booklet is hand-assembled after printing).


Download album for free (mp3 + all cover artwork)


1. Here’s My First Number

2. Song of Tears

3. Grey

4. R.O.M.

5. Your Instrument

6. Earth Critters

7. Justice Jane

8. Properly Wrong

9. Stupid Fuck

10. NOT

11. All the Same


My intention was for this album to include three extra tracks which you can stream below:

“Hairy Nipples”



Unfortunately for copyright reasons I am not sure if I can include them and thus they are only available for listening purposes  on here (one of the tracks contains a record sample, another a recording of dialogue from a B-Movie and the third features me humming the bassline to Fever).  Let me know if you have any suggestions regarding this as my knowledge of this field is limited and I don’t know how to proceed/ do not wish to infringe others’ copyright.



Song of Tears



The Hum

First Time I Played With Myself

Earth Critters

Your Instrument


Here’s My First Number


Properly Wrong


All the Same

Stupid Fuck

Justice Jane

© Greta Pistaceci


“Hairy Nipples”



“Theme for Thought” (Virgin Prunes cover and my first ever M-B recording)