Modersohn-Becker’s track of the week forthnight month whenever she’s good and ready! (part 1)


I have resuscitated Modersohn-Becker and would like to regularly begin posting new DIY tracks. Originally I wanted to make this a weekly occurrence, as an exercise, so that I would have to keep creating tracks rapidly and simply without dwelling too much on my insecurities or seeking perfection. Unfortunately, knowing myself, being tied down to a weekly schedule might make this endeavour become more a source of stress than liberation or pleasure… so I would rather call this a “regular” occurrence than a weekly one. This way there won’t be any “musts” or “shoulds”. I will do my best to post regular, “imperfect” tracks, though.

Here’s a track I made for an upcoming free compilation of music by artists employing ‘the art of Wabi-sabi, that is, “the art in imperfection”‘ and who find ‘the beauty in broken things’ (how very M-B!).
It’s called “Properly Wrong”.

download: Properly Wrong

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