Doing, doing, doing, done.

I have to thank my course-mate Martin for showing me and others THIS.

Cult of Done

[poster above designed by Joshua Rothaas, taken from his Flickr page. Click image to visit it]

Since my teens, I have had a huge problem finishing, or even getting started on so many projects, taking decisions or opportunities… I feel as if I was out to constantly sabotage myself (and I frequently have!). I lack self-belief… but I am working on it.

I am training for the Paris Marathon (feel free to sponsor me!), at present, and have in the recent past completed a half marathon(my first). Somehow, I am Ok with training for this new challenge, confident I can carry it out, dedicated to carrying out all of my training runs no matter what the weather conditions (I have gone out jogging in the pouring rain and on ice-covered pavements, – ˚C temperatures) and am happy to have mere completion as my goal (I am not speed-training and I have no intention to “compete”), when it comes to marathon training…. yet when it comes to most other things in my life, I do not yet have that confidence, nor am I satisfied with just doing and completing, and thus I end up paralised before even starting. I think I have a lot to learn from the Done Manifesto, and from my marathon training!


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