I have just found this video of La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela’s Dream House, which I have mentioned a couple of times in previous posts. I thought I would share it:

Sadly I have no video or pictures of my visit there because I respected the  rules forbidding all recording, photography or videotaping. Looks like some other people were not so respectful, as I found several videos on YouTube. In a way, though, I am kind of glad, because watching these reminds me of what it was like. Though to watch these without having been there cannot in any accurate way convey what the work is or does or how it feels to be there.

I remember I found a spot right in one of the corner of the smaller room (which is on the other side of the corridor and is not shown in this video or any of the other videos I have found on YouTube) where the sound waves were bouncing off and different tones could be heard to the rest of the room, despite there being no speakers in that room. I stood in the semi-darkness with my face against the wall for quite a while… until I managed to startle and freak out the volunteer who was guarding the installation as he suddenly walked in and saw my figure ominously standing in that way!


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