And… breathe.

I have not had a chance to update this blog for a while – so maybe I should make good use of the moment’s respite I am afforded right now and quickly write down all of the things I have been wanting to post here for a while. I have been very busy since the start of my MA in January. The course is amazing, as I expected, but hectic. It’s full-time, but spans 12 continuous calendar months rather than being stretched out over 2 years as many full-time MAs are. Meanwhile I am working part-time and had been training for my third marathon until recently – sadly I had to give up my training in order to focus on my studies, as it was all getting a bit too much for me to handle. I am happy to say, though, that  I have survived the 1st phase of the MA and am now entering the 2nd!  Exciting and stressful things are ahead, no doubt!

So many things have taken place in the past few months, and I have wanted to post my new work and experiments on here as they happened, but having been unable to, I am now struggling with recollecting and retrospectively writing about everything, so please bear with me.

But no more excuses… I will get started. Watch this space.


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