[Dear Blog] Tick tock tick tock… bbbbrrrring!

Dear Blog,

…I am feeling utterly exhausted! After a long hard day at work, I spent most of this evening glued to my computer, trying to source interesting and relevant reading materials for research on my alarm clocks piece. For dinner? A muffin and a pot of yogurt, because I didn’t want to leave my desk. And now it’s bedtime, but I want to at least post a little update on the things I have been up to today/tonight, before I have to go to sleep to be ready for work again tomorrow.

So, here we go:

Tonight, thanks to a pointer I received earlier in the day from my former boss, who happens to be a working artist, I found out a little about Arman, who not only was married to Eliane Radigue and had children with her (to think I did not know who he was until today!), but also created a sculpture made of massed clocks:

Arman also produced several accumulation pieces, which made use of, among other things, alarm clocks and watches:

Earlier today I was also shown this work by Felix Gonzales-Torres, which, as well as being a moving piece of art, has now made me think of the possibility of letting battery-operated clocks go out of phase, which I may use in my alarm clocks piece.

Today I also made my first clock purchase from a charity shop. I got very excited over a simple plastic alarm clock – the women at the counter in the charity shop were distinctly unimpressed.

As I mentioned, this evening, apart from looking up Arman, I searched for books on the subject of time in art, but could not dig up that much that I felt would be relevant, bar this. I have however ordered this book and this book from Amazon. I hope I will be able to understand them! I am interested in finding out how time can be represented in a work of art, what time is and how we can conceive of it, since questions of time will inevitably enter into a work composed of clocks. Physics might be coming next (eeek!)…

And now, bedtime! Ready for my alarm clocks to go off in the morning…


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