Awaiting a Title

Yes, I haver started a new project. It’s called “Awaiting A Title”, and it can be found HERE.


Awaiting A Title is a process set in motion by a carefully chosen sound file, which the general public is invited to describe “in their own words”. Their descriptions, sent in as text, are numbered and added to a database collected on the work’s website. These are the text scores that musicians, improvisers, performers, as well as any member of the public willing to take part in the project are then invited to use as either score for improvisation or brief for composition. These interpreters are subsequently asked to send in the results, which are compiled into a further database and displayed on the same website.

The purposes of the work can only become apparent and new ones appear as it continually develops. In its current state, it is partly a collective composition, partly improvisation, partly a database, partly a game of Chinese whispers, though new angles may become apparent and new questions arise as it grows.


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