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[not research] London Theremin Group: our first public performance

I will be playing on the 19th of February from 3.15pm to 4.45pm as part of the London Theremin Group, during the workshops section of the E.A.R electronic arts revue . Other members of the group, for this performance, will be Gordon Charlton, Leila Dear, Mike Buffington.

Many, many thanks to the amazing Gordon Charlton (aka Beat Frequency) for inviting me to play despite my being unable to attend the last two rehearsals of the group due to my academic engagements.

I don’t usually post about events I am taking part in anywhere except on private pages, but I thought I should maybe start doing so on this blog, so that I can tentatively begin to build a list of events I have taken part in, for archiving reasons, and so that I can see what I have done. I perform very frequently but have so far not kept a record of my performances with others — these are so frequent I do not tend to bother, and they vary wildly in seriousness, quality and amount of my involvement, though maybe I should begin documenting them, even if just out of curiosity, as I have noticed that most people I know document all of their performances in some way.

[edit: I did not take part in this particular event, in the end, due to it conflicting with other deadlines, but I still wonder whether I should begin documenting performances]