Clock links

I have been running searches on Google and YouTube, looking for interesting clock art videos, but sadly tonight I could not find much bar the inevitable and a lot of different websites selling hand-painted clocks and the like, or videos of ticking clocks…

Here are a couple of interesting videos I found tonight, though I am not sure of how relevant they might be to my research:

Clock Art – By Digital Futurism
Quite interesting. I am planning to do something similar, in the sense that my piece will also make use of a great number of alarm clocks. However, my clocks will be constantly emitting sounds, creating a 24-hour-long repeating composition with their ticking and different alarms. The clocks will also create an entirely different visual impact, as they will all be of different makes and sizes. I wish I could find more videos making use of large quantities of clocks… but it’s still early days of my research.

I like the ticking sounds of the clock mechanisms in this piece. I anticipate my clock piece will also produce similar ticking.
At this stage, I am thinking of creating a piece that features continuously ringing alarms, so I am not sure if I will incorporate moments in which nothing but the ticking can be heard… but I would have to try it all out once I have acquired enough clocks.


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