The A Band and Unknown Devices in The Wire

The A Band are featured in this month’s (April 2010) Wire Tapper. The track we chose is an excerpt from one of our Edinburgh Fringe gigs from last summer, the most ghastly, appallingly lo-fi and dementedly annoying track we could possibly find. Or the best and most amazingly life-changing and life-affirming. You decide.

To add insult to injury (or awesomeness to utter amazingness), the picture used to accompany the track-listing features exclusively members of the band (including me) who were not present at the particular gig at which the recording of the Tapper track took place, and who at the time were unaware of the picture’s improvised future use (I know I was!).

A:  “So, what’s the Tapper track like?”

G:  “It’s… interesting…”

A:  “Oh. Aren’t you glad your picture is so small?”

There’s no band like The A Band. I’m glad to be part of it.

Unknown Devices also get a brief mention in the reviews section, as well as a gorgeous panoramic photo of our performance in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern (if you have a magnifying glass at hand, you can spot me by my magenta hair…). It was an absolutely wonderful experience to be part of such a unique event, and the performance felt magical, to me, even though I was not particularly happy with my own contribution (but then again, I am highly self-critical!).  I feel so incredibly lucky and grateful to have been given the chance to perform there, and with such utterly lovely, talented and passionate people, to boot!


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