Unknown Devices at Tate Britain

I will be playing with Unknown Devices this friday the 5th of march at Tate Britain.

Directed by David Toop, ‘Unknown Devices: The Laptop Orchestra’ is an improvising ensemble of students and alumni from London College of Communication.

As usual, we will be exploring “the dynamics, technical and interpersonal demands of group collaborations using digital audio tools and ‘unknown devices’, creating an improvisation using an unusual variety of instruments, noisemakers and gaming equipment.”

This one is going to be a bit special, due to the event’s theme, but I cannot say much more: you will just have to come along and hear/see for yourselves, as the event is once more free, free, FREE!

I absolutely adore this man and I make no secret of it:

Our performance is part of a larger series of performances taking place in several galleries throughout Tate Britain:

Late at Tate Britain: March: Game Play

“Gaming culture takes over Tate Britain. From low-tech parlour games Charades and Werewolf, to performance and interactive media art with Blast Theory’s Can You See Me Now? Plus talks from Ste Curran and Simon Byron, and experimental music from David Toop and Unknown Devices: Laptop Orchestra – it’s all to play for.”


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