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And… breathe.

I have not had a chance to update this blog for a while – so maybe I should make good use of the moment’s respite I am afforded right now and quickly write down all of the things I have been wanting to post here for a while. I have been very busy since the start of my MA in January. The course is amazing, as I expected, but hectic. It’s full-time, but spans 12 continuous calendar months rather than being stretched out over 2 years as many full-time MAs are. Meanwhile I am working part-time and had been training for my third marathon until recently – sadly I had to give up my training in order to focus on my studies, as it was all getting a bit too much for me to handle. I am happy to say, though, that  I have survived the 1st phase of the MA and am now entering the 2nd!  Exciting and stressful things are ahead, no doubt!

So many things have taken place in the past few months, and I have wanted to post my new work and experiments on here as they happened, but having been unable to, I am now struggling with recollecting and retrospectively writing about everything, so please bear with me.

But no more excuses… I will get started. Watch this space.


Mind the rubble


As you may have noticed, this website & blog are undergoing a bit of a revamp. Please bear with me as I update all contents. Apologies for any missing links & content.

Check back soon for the updated version. Meanwhile, feel free to navigate this version… but mind the rubble!

Still alive after all

I have not been particularly good at updating this blog, in the last few months. This is because I have been rather busy meeting deadlines –building and showing my installation, finishing and handing in my dissertation, and running a marathon. I have also been working on a new project, which I shall reveal shortly. Here are some pictures of a couple of objects I have built relating to the aforementioned project. I’m particularly proud of the book, as I have built it from scratch (well… almost from scratch: I have used a printer and I have not made the paper, though I did cut each page by hand and perforate it individually!) without any prior knowledge of book-binding and pretty much making it up as I went along. Trial and error produced some pretty nice results, don’t you think?


I have resurrected my Tapescapes project during my recent trip to Paris (where I completed the Paris Marathon!). You can find my recent post, as well as all my old ones HERE.

I will endeavour to post more once my course deadlines are met. I want the project to be ongoing. Stay tuned…

Beds and art

Here are some examples I have found of beds being used in (contemporary) art:

Kaffe Matthews’ Sonic Bed

Tracey Emin’s My Bed

John and Yoko’s Bed-In

Will Ryman’s The Bed

Ron Mueck’s In Bed

Louise Bourgeois’ Seven In a Bed

…and probably hundreds more!

I will comment on each as soon as I have the time to (as I mentioned, at the moment I am rather busy!).

One thing I would like to point out now, though, because Emin’s bed has come up a few times when I have spoken of my idea to others, is that although the initial thought of using the bed in my installation came from a personal place and I am interested in how time relates to us personally, I do not wish to put a figurative name-tag on the bed. Although it happens to have my experience as its inspiration, it is definitely not “Greta’s bed”, and the audience does not even necessarily have to connect the whole thing to me. That is, it concerns itself with time in relation to the personal, and starts from a personal place for me, but I don’t necessarily want it to be obvious in that way or about me.

One of the things that become evident when looking at other works making use of beds and the themes these explore is that beds are used in these works because they evoke privacy, vulnerability (because the private is exposed), sex, peace.

By using a bed I wish to make one feel in a personal place, maybe, but I don’t think I want it to be my personal place.

[more on this when I have more time]


I have just found this video of La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela’s Dream House, which I have mentioned a couple of times in previous posts. I thought I would share it:

Sadly I have no video or pictures of my visit there because I respected the  rules forbidding all recording, photography or videotaping. Looks like some other people were not so respectful, as I found several videos on YouTube. In a way, though, I am kind of glad, because watching these reminds me of what it was like. Though to watch these without having been there cannot in any accurate way convey what the work is or does or how it feels to be there.

I remember I found a spot right in one of the corner of the smaller room (which is on the other side of the corridor and is not shown in this video or any of the other videos I have found on YouTube) where the sound waves were bouncing off and different tones could be heard to the rest of the room, despite there being no speakers in that room. I stood in the semi-darkness with my face against the wall for quite a while… until I managed to startle and freak out the volunteer who was guarding the installation as he suddenly walked in and saw my figure ominously standing in that way!

Doing, doing, doing, done.

I have to thank my course-mate Martin for showing me and others THIS.

Cult of Done

[poster above designed by Joshua Rothaas, taken from his Flickr page. Click image to visit it]

Since my teens, I have had a huge problem finishing, or even getting started on so many projects, taking decisions or opportunities… I feel as if I was out to constantly sabotage myself (and I frequently have!). I lack self-belief… but I am working on it.

I am training for the Paris Marathon (feel free to sponsor me!), at present, and have in the recent past completed a half marathon(my first). Somehow, I am Ok with training for this new challenge, confident I can carry it out, dedicated to carrying out all of my training runs no matter what the weather conditions (I have gone out jogging in the pouring rain and on ice-covered pavements, – ˚C temperatures) and am happy to have mere completion as my goal (I am not speed-training and I have no intention to “compete”), when it comes to marathon training…. yet when it comes to most other things in my life, I do not yet have that confidence, nor am I satisfied with just doing and completing, and thus I end up paralised before even starting. I think I have a lot to learn from the Done Manifesto, and from my marathon training!